How to Clean Window Tracks & Screens Effectively

If you’ve never tackled cleaning window tracks there are a few tricks the professionals use to ensure a proper job is done. We’ve asked a window cleaning Winnipeg local company to share some of their tips with you. It’s really not brain surgery, but most people wipe the area when they wash their windows. Over the years, the grime and dirt build up and those simple wipes don’t work anymore. When the professional come in to clean the tracks they carry a few tools that will help to make the job easier. A minivac or vacuum cleaner with an attached hose will work just fine; an old toothbrush, and don’t use your husband’s; a toothbrush shaped wire brush will work well too; a thin putty knife; clean rags, thin ones work best, and you won’t want to use them in the bathroom again; dish soap, along with some detergent that will soak off the dirt; and finally an old towel.

If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned the window tracks in your home, get ready because it’s going to take a bit of scrubbing. First of all you’ll need to remove the window (if your windows slide open otherwise just open them wide). The sliding window can be open as far as possible, then you should be able to lift it up and out, and place it on that old towel that you placed by the wall. You don’t want the window to slip and fall, or get the carpet dirty, and it will if you aren’t careful.

Cleaning the Solar Window Screens

In buying a product, one of the factors that some buyers consider is its “cleanability”. When it comes to solar window screens, one might think that cleaning them would require the help of a pro. Good to hear though that most manufacturers make this stuff easy to clean and do not require professionals and expensive cleaning materials. Cleaning solar window screens depend on the kind of the solar screen that you are using. If you have stationary solar screens, then you need to unscrew them from the windows. If you are using retractable and roll-up screens, on the other hand, just leave them in place.