Installing Solar Panels to Combat Climate Change

Up to 97% of scientists across the world believe that climate is changing rapidly due to human activities. This is not now because humans have known that carbon dioxide has the potential to trap heat. And, scientists do not dispute this. Installing solar panels can help in combating climate change. That means the installation of solar panels is beneficial to the environment. Humans have been burning fossil fuels massively for years and this is one of the reasons why the climate is changing.

Using climate models, scientists analyzed data from the 1970s. They used computers to develop these models. But, these models were not as powerful as modern-day Smartphones despite filling an entire room. However, climate science has improved over the years following the advancements in computing power, scientific knowledge, and data collection.

Experts warn that if the global climate continues to warm by 1.5oC, oceans will eventually rise by 19 inches by 2100. This will lead to the displacement of up to 25 million worldwide by 2055 or 60 million by 2095. Severe droughts will be experienced globally and crop yields will drop by up to 5%. These are just some of the reasons why humans should take measures that will combat climate change.

How Installing Solar Panels can Combat Climate Change

The solar panel provides an alternative energy source. Solar energy comes from the sun. It’s simply converted into electricity using the panels. This process does not involve the emission of harmful gases. It also doesn’t involve disruption of the natural eco-system. This is different from electricity generation. In the U.S alone, electricity generation accounts for up to 28% of the total emissions of greenhouse gases. This is the same as the total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted by cars, planes, buses, and other automobiles.

This is a significant percentage of total emissions. Luckily, installing solar panels can reduce these emissions. If more people install solar panels in their homes or businesses, emissions from electricity generation will reduce significantly. And this will help in combating climate change. There can also be even more benefits if you live in a certain part of your country due to it receiving more sun exposure than other areas. For example, Arizona and Saskatchewan receive a lot more natural sunlight for a longer period than their neighbouring states. So it’s no surprise that so many homes have opted for solar panel installation Saskatoon is widely known for.

Why Installing Solar Panels is a Good Move

It’s for a reason that more people are installing solar panels in their homes. Currently, coal and oil are the major sources of energy. But, these are limited and they need replacement. Solar energy, on the other hand, is renewable. It also has numerous benefits over fossil fuels.

Here are some of the major benefits of energy from solar panels:

  • It is clean
  • It’s inexhaustible
  • Solar panels require minimal maintenance
  • Solar energy is almost free because it requires the installation of the panels and other equipment only
  • Solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment. Pollution from solar panels manufacture can also be controlled fully.
  • Modern solar panels are powerful and their costs are always decreasing

Installing solar panels can lower greenhouse gas emissions significantly. It can also decrease the overall fossil fuel demand. That way, the installation of solar panels helps in combating climate change. What’s more, solar energy is economical because you just need to install the panels and a strong system effectively. With the minimal maintenance of solar panels, savings can accumulate significantly and the solar system project will eventually pay off.

We’ve gathered a ton of information from a few different solar experts.