Go Big or Go Home With a New Bathroom

Planning to have a new bathroom in your home? Well, everybody wants to go home to a big, nice bathroom. This facility is important for every household. It provides a place where most people go to relax after a long, tiring day at work. But, how do you give your new bathroom the look and feel you desire? Here are tips to ensure that you don’t just go home to a big bathroom but to a new bathroom that exceeds your expectations.

Install Vintage Fixtures

Maybe these are yet to make a comeback. However, vintage, colorful fixtures like a green sink are cropping up in modern bathrooms. These feel surprisingly modern and cheerful in white spaces. Be confident that your new bathroom will look unique and amazing with such vintage fixtures.

Bold and Patterned Tiles

You want to give your bathroom a special feel and look. Therefore, install high-impact tiles on the walls and floors of your bathroom. This will make your bathroom a memorable space not just for every family member but for visitors too.

Install Vintage Furniture

Do you want to add extra storage space or vanity in your new bathroom? If yes, think of something vintage. Your bathroom will have an old-world feel but look unique.

Install Wallpaper

This may sound like something unusual. However, installing wallpaper will give your bathroom an awesome pattern. It can be what will make your bathroom stand out from the other parts of your home.

Install Colorful Fixtures

From taps to faucets, your bathroom can look amazing if these fixtures come with impressive colors. Colorful fixtures will make your bathroom look unexpected, colorful, and unforgettable.


You can transform your new bathroom by installing the right lights. This is one of the most important elements of a bathroom. For instance, recessed lights can bring in bright lights without altering the design. You can give the bathroom a rustic, vintage vibe by hanging Edison light bulbs above the bathroom sink. You can also pair such bulbs with sculpted glass scones to provide a decorative vanity light. Frosted glass can replace the curtain on your bathroom window to allow the natural light to enter your bathroom and brighten it up.

The Vanity

If you have a small bathroom, storage space might be an issue. So, rather than squeeze bulky vanity with just a countertop sink, install a modern pedestal sink. This will bring the feeling of openness in your bathroom. Extra towels can be stored in the closet on the hall and toiletries can be kept behind the mirror. Thus, the installation of such vanity can make your small bathroom feel bigger.

To get fun and funky, consider up-cycling the antique dresser using a vessel sink at the top. If you don’t want to spend more on this, you can even convert a sewing machine table that you don’t use into a new vanity. This can make a significant difference in your bathroom. You don’t need a big bathroom to enjoy the time you spend on it. You just need a new bathroom that makes you feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Implement these tips provided by Bathroom Renovations Brampton to go home with a new bathroom.